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Media Super Movies

Media Super Movies

Media Super invests $60 million in a revolving loan facility to Fulcrum Media Finance, which is used to cash-flow the Australian Producer Offset and provide access to pre-sale advance loans for film and television productions across Australia and New Zealand.

We have supported sixty-four high-quality films and TV shows since 2010 – and we’re proud of it. Some of the productions that have been released over the past year include The Dressmaker, Holding The Man, Rake (Season 4), and the critically acclaimed Cleverman.

By 30 June 2016 we had loaned more than $88 million to help finance a range of film and TV productions since the facility was launched.

How does it work?

In 2007 the federal government announced a tax rebate scheme for film and television. Approved projects are able to claim a tax rebate on completion of the project; but much, if not all, of that rebate amount is actually needed during development and filming. So how are these productions funded?

That’s where Media Super comes in

In 2010 we established a unique investment partnership with Fulcrum Media Finance the leading provider of cash-flow loans in the Australian and New Zealand screen industry.

Fulcrum is able to lend up to the rebate amount to the producer(s) of a film or TV show and then have the money repaid at agreed milestones.

Interest is paid on the money lent to producers, which provides the return for Media Super and ultimately our members.

What does it mean for your super?

Media Super’s investment with Fulcrum Media Finance, has earned our members a healthy 6.86%* per annum since inception.

Plus, to make it even sweeter, this relatively stable investment helps to develop one of our core creative industries during the key production stage, providing growth and opportunities for many of our members and employers who work in film and television.

Investment warning: Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance gives no indication of future performance.

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